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Purpose, Priorities & Profits
are just a few of the many topics you have access to within this mentorship community. For the first time ever, I'm offering an up close & personal experience for women who are ready to WIN. Whether your goal is personal or professional, the information and resources you'll have access to will help you define and design your destiny. Prepare to be pushed towards your purpose and equipped with the tools that you need to make your dreams a reality. In the past, I've helped women walk away from their "good" jobs that were making them miserable, create side hustles and new income streams, start making money in their businesses, leave unhealthy relationships and so much more. 

What I've realized throughout my entrepreneurial journey is that all the magazine features, speaking opportunities, books sold and money made would not have been possible if I wasn't willing to develop myself. It takes personal development to sustain professional accomplishments AND it takes the right community to support you along the way. Many people reach success but can't stay there because of the company they keep. If you want to achieve something special, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people who understand your drive and desire.

ALL success relies on your surroundings. Who's in your circle to really add value to your life? Who do you know personally that's achieved a level of success you look up to? Where else can you get an inside connection for tons or life hacks and business tips?

All of my WERKaholic mentees will have me as an accountability partner, someone to bounce ideas off of and cheer you across the finish line. You'll be more confident than ever in your abilities and aware of the value you bring to the world.

Here is a taste of what some of my past mentees have achieved:
•Turned their side hustle into a full fledged brand
•Double (in some cases tripled) their income in their business
•Created new streams of income
•Resigned from "comfortable" corporate careers and hired themselves
•Took a leap of faith and pursued a life long dream of becoming a DJ, now getting booked for gigs all over the country
•Gained much needed clarity to finally be able to step into their purpose
•Ended abusive and unhealthy relationships
•Completely changed eating habits/lost weight
•Gained a major confidence boost to be able to get back into the world of dating

& so much more!!!!

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Weekly Mindset Masterclasses
Your mindset is a direct reflection of what you're manifesting in your life! These weekly power calls will get-your-mind-right so you can crush your goals.
Monthly Expert Power Calls
Each month, you'll have exclusive access to my circle of experts! They'll present masterclasses on topics ranging from personal finance to event planning to marketing.
Monthly Success Support Calls
If you ever wanted to ask me a random question, this is you chance! Plus, my mentees will be able to support one in another in their success. You'll get to share progress updates, network & get feedback from me on your new ideas.
Access to local expert circles
For those of you who are really ready to WERK, we're taking the expert masterclasses to a whole new level with local power sessions. You'll have face-to-face access to influencers and money makers who have the keys to success. Ask questions, get feedback and prepare to take your business to the top!
"Text Koe Tuesday"
This is your chance to get feedback and ask questions specific to your brand! As a mentee, you'll be provided with Koe's mobile number for direct coaching via text every Tuesday!
WERKPraySlay discounts + upgrades
WERKPraySlay is my biggest event of the year, a 3 day conference that you don't want to miss! As one of my WERKaholic mentees, you have access to the conference at a discounted rate. 
For the last four years, Koereyelle has been my personal example that when you take control of your destiny, and WERK for what you want, you can create a life you truly love! 
Lakia Brandenburg- Author, Publisher & Coach
From working side by side for almost 4 years with Koereyelle I learned two major things. One is implementing an idea instantly. When you have an idea plan, strategize, implement, and you'll monetize instantly. The second thing is that time is money. Plan your day effectively and your events in blocks of 15 minutes or 30 minutes. This allows you to know where your time is going. When you know where your time is going you know where to focus.
V. Taybron - Creator of
I just have to say that I have been on several strategy calls, but this one with Koereyelle was the most enlightening and that exhaling moment that I not only knew she understood my frustrations, but cared.
-Melesha T., CEO of BossChicCrate
Koereyelle has breathed life back into me and my eyes are clearly open.
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