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I want to show you how entrepreneurs reach success faster, more effortlessly and with less stress...
It's been proven time and time again that you see success much faster when you learn from others that have already been where you're trying to go.

Meaning you get to learn from all the success, but not deal with any of the costly mistakes I and other successful entrepreneurs have made

....having someone to validate that your idea is profitable, and not a waste of time.

With already successful entrepreneurs handing you the road map to how they reached success it'll ease your mind and let you focus on what really matters

You wouldn't have to worry about slacking off, because I'd be there to get you in check and stay fired up to achieve your goal EVERY time

Being around like-minded entrepreneurs with multiple incomes would make sure you never run out of income producing ideas...

We all know your network is your netWORTH mingling with all the local movers and shakers would surely help your bank account rise.

Meaning your next profitable partnership is right around the corner

You'll have all the time in the world to make your business goals a REALITY

...once you have access to the planning, goal manifesting and productivity secrets I, and many other busy successful people use.

...But there is one downside You're going to reach success a lot faster than others, and that tends to breed hate and jealousy.

No worries though I got you covered, because I offer professional and personal mentoring.

You can't be a success while your personal life's one big ole mess.
How much time have you really dedicated to your dreams?
Why the Inner Circle (Mentoring) is one of the best decisions you'll make:

Facebook (the BILLION dollar giant) was getting CRUSHED by MySpace UNTIL Mark Zuckerberg (founder) turned to a mentor for help. 

...Someone he says who already accomplished what he envisioned for Facebook.  He made the needed adjustments.

Needless to say. It worked

Most businesses fail within the first 5 years

I've failed before and so have many of the mentors you'll have access to within the Inner Circle. 

...learn from our failures so you can avoid them and fast track your way to success.

- Accountability

Most entrepreneurs are only moments away from success, but miss it because they aren't disciplined enough to stay on track long enough to see it manifest.

...when you become part of Inner Circle you will receive more than enough emails and calls to make sure you're on track and crushing your goals EVERY week.

- Exposure

Ever come up with a great idea and thank "If only I could get thousands of people to see this?" worries. Once part of my 'Inner Circle' you'll get social media promotion and national media exposure.

Answers to the money making questions that keep you up at night

Our power calls and monthly strategy sessions will make sure you get answers to all the questions you need to move closer to your goals.

Not only will you have me as a mentor, but free access to local expert circles

What do Oprah and Bill Gates have in common?

Besides both being super successful billionaires. 

They both say they owe a lot of their success to having mentors early on in their business.

They found someone doing exactly what they wanted to do. Modeled a career after them

...improved upon it and did it better.

Library of money making audio ebooks and worksheets:

In addition to having access to mentors and their vast knowledge

...You will immediately gain access to our library of eBook resources where you can learn all there is to know about making money online. 

Worksheets, audio courses, and ebooks to gain the knowledge you need to make life changing money.

So I know you're thinking "All of this sounds great, but why are you doing this?"

...well mostly because most super successful people say mentors are a BIG part of success

I feel like me becoming your virtual mentor is me giving back and helping you reach your goals is just what any successful entrepreneur would do.

Mentoring is the difference between years of mistakes, money wasted, and time lost


...learning exactly what you need to do from someone who already did it, made all the mistakes, wasted all the time

and is willing to give you a glimpse into their head so that you never do the same.

Check what Oprah had to say about mentoring:
Now I'm not Oprah, but look at what some of my mentees have said about the Inner Circle
"Koereyelle did a great job of helping me to focus on my brand and determine what my niche in my business should be. I felt clearer and had some ideas walking away from this course as to what my vision for the business could be as well as how I could cultivate some additional content and revenue from my client base. Thanks Koereyelle!"
"Let me just say that your receive your money's worth just in the first lesson you receive alone. Koeyerelle provides a no fluff, get the point but realistic strategy that helped me to evolve my thinking on how my brand represents me. In the 30 days, I have established key partnerships to host events that I am sure is going to increase awareness of who I am and bring in customers!"
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Weekly Mindset Masterclasses
Your mindset is a direct reflection of what you're manifesting in your life! These weekly power calls will get-your-mind-right so you can crush your goals.
Monthly Expert Power Calls
Each month, you'll have exclusive access to my circle of experts! They'll present masterclasses on topics ranging from personal finance to event planning to marketing.
Monthly Success Support Calls
If you ever wanted to ask me a random question, this is you chance! Plus, my mentees will be able to support one in another in their success. You'll get to share progress updates, network & get feedback from me on your new ideas.
Access to local expert circles
For those of you who are really ready to WERK, we're taking the expert masterclasses to a whole new level with local power sessions. You'll have face-to-face access to influencers and money makers who have the keys to success. Ask questions, get feedback and prepare to take your business to the top!
"Text Koe Tuesday"
This is your chance to get feedback and ask questions specific to your brand! As a mentee, you'll be provided with Koe's mobile number for direct coaching via text every Tuesday!
WERKPraySlay discounts + upgrades
WERKPraySlay is my biggest event of the year, a 3 day conference that you don't want to miss! As one of my WERKaholic mentees, you have access to the conference at a discounted rate. 
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